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Advanced filtration in wine industry with ceramic membranes

Tecambyot: innovation and tradition

Since our first days, TECAMBYOT´s efforts in research have resulted in innovative products in the field of filtration which provides high performance solutions at competitive prices in various fields, including wine filtration.
TECAMBYOT offers to its customers from the wine industry solutions suitable to their needs, enabling them to optimize their filtration processes, designing optimal systems to reduce filtration costs whilst an exceptional efficiency and reliability are guaranteed.

Filtration in wine industry

Grape juices and musts have dispersed particles and colloids. Particles larger than 1 micron give the juice turbidity features. Furthermore, colloids composed mainly by polysaccharide colloids with diameters between 0.001 to 0.1 microns give an appearance of opalescence to juice.
Clarification is important phase in the processing of fruit juices, consisting of the removal of colloids, tannins, polysaccharides, suspended solids, gums, polyphenols and all undesirable microorganisms, and which is performed by microfiltration, by enzymatic treatment or by the common use of clarifying agents as a gelatin, bentonite, silica, or a combination of these compounds, which sometimes causes flavor loss and increases costs.
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The advantages of the microfiltration membrane over traditional processes include the production of a clarified juice with retention of enzymes depending on the pore size of the membrane. In addition, membrane filtration can also be continuous and automated, reducing so the capital and operating costs. It also not require the addition or removal of clarifying agents.

Thanks to the innovative technique of ceramic filtration CERAMEMB, a new door is opened in the field of wine filtration to reach the demands of healthy drinks, full of valuable components which can be preserved keeping all their properties without adding additives.

New ceramic membranes for cross-flow filtration

Today, companies from the wine sector have propensity to do production cycles more and more automated with low environmental impact, with the need to reduce production, but leaving undisturbed all of the features of typicality treated wine.

Therefore, TECAMBYOT had decided to develop a highly innovative cross-flow filtration system, using for the first time in the oenology sector ceramic membranes instead of them made of organic material.

This type of membrane has been chosen by TECAMBYOT due to its unique characteristics of duration, filed of application and possibility of disinfection, impossible with the organic type.

Its many qualities can be summarized as:

  • Possibility of fully automatic operation cycles which does not require the presence of an operator.
  • Ceramic filtration allows to keep all the typical features of each kind of wine, including some important substances for its stability, such as Nano proteins and protective colloids.
  • Wines ready for being bottled: filtration rate Wines with 0.00 NTU turbidity based on variable values from 25 NTU.
  • Absence of adjuvants of any kind and nature.
  • The can be washed at very high temperatures (70 or 80 ° C) for an easy and efficient regeneration of the membrane.
  • Duration of elements up to 5 times more than the average duration of the typical membranes of organic material.
  • No product losses, the retentate part is concentrated and is output to a separate tank to be used as a byproduct.
  • Any pollutant discharge happens.
  • Thanks to these benefits, TECAMBYOT´s ceramic cross-flow membranes are used today even for wines which contains bentonite and for sludge filtration.

Tecambyot´s ceramic membranes: features

  • Operation: Cross-flow filtration
  • Material: α-alumina and various clays
  • Microfiltration pore size: 1,4 – 0,8 – 0,5 – 0,2- 0,1 μm
  • Number of channels / Channel diameter: 7 channels / 6 mm
  • Lenght / Membrane diameter: 500-1200 mm / 25-50 mm
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100 º C
  • Maximum pressure: >5 bar
  • pH Range: 0-14 (compatible with all organic solvents)

Components of ceramemb® unit

CERAMEMB® unit is made of stainless steel and it includes a recirculation system with pump and electrical system automated, both of them fully assembled. The equipment can be easily moved and it stands out for its robustness, sealing and maneuverability.

The unit is supplied with the ceramic membranes already installed, sealing gaskets and ready to plug and play.

Average performance of the 0,2 μm pore filtration unit

ceramemb wine_r2_c2

Economic comparison between filtration by diatomaceus earth and filtration by cross-flow ceramic membranes

DATUM: 120.000 L/day after cold treatment, for 200 days/year

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